Shenandoah Valley Organic’s Farmer Focus Model

At Shenandoah Valley Organic, we believe that sustainable farming combines tradition, innovation, and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships, resulting in a good quality of life for all involved. Our Farmer Focused Business Model reflects these values.

How did this model come to exist?

A fundamental goal of SVO is to improve the business of farming, so we asked farmers what their dream business partnership would look like. Their reply? “We want to own our chickens and retain control of our farms.” Out of that dream emerged the Farmer Focused Business Model, which allows a pride of ownership, performance, and accomplishment.

How does the Farmer Focused model work?

Because our farmers are permitted to own their birds, they become invested partners, rather than nameless vendors, of Shenandoah Valley Organic.

Farmers enjoy the freedom to run their farms how they see fit, and they work closely with SVO to meet rigorous organic and humane standards of quality.

The end result is high quality chicken and farmers whose earnings reflect their hard work and integrity.

How is this business model different from others?

In other models, large companies own the chickens and can therefore push many unnecessary and expensive requirements on the farmers.

The SVO model grants freedom to the farmers, treats all farmers equally regardless of the size of their farms, and pays farmers fairly to recognize the time and care farmers have dedicated to their chickens.

Additionally, many large companies view profit as the only bottom line. At SVO, we understand that careless farming practices come at a steep cost to the environment. Organic and humane certifications and standards protect the chickens, the environment, and the consumers. Chickens get to roam outdoors and eat high quality feed. Our adherence to the Clean Water Act ensures that we and our farmers are responsible stewards of the land. SVO farms are free of antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, GMOs, and other toxic substances. We are proud of our work, every step of the way, and that’s something that large companies cannot always say.

What’s in it for you?

When you buy Shenandoah Valley Organic chicken, you know that you are supporting a local farmer, protecting the natural world, and ensuring a high quality of life for chickens. You can be assured you’re also getting the best quality food for your family – food produced as nature intended. And, our chicken is delicious!
Once you try SVO, you won’t want any other brand!
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