Maloney Farm • Weyers Cave, VA

Farmer Focus ID:  MALO

Geri and Kerry were born and raised in Washington, DC, Bethesda and Georgetown respectively. After leaving the military, Kerry became an agriculture student at North Carolina State and went to work with his dad, breeding cattle. Geri and Kerry bought their home in Weyer’s Cave with two chicken houses located on the property. Chicken farming seemed to better suit their lifestyle, as Geri wanted to stay at home with their children. When they started with one of the big chicken companies, they were told to tear down the existing chicken houses.

After many years, they came to value the movement towards healthy living and the conscious and culturally aware diet, Geri and Kerry chose to begin a relationship working with SVO and were excited to be raising chicken without antibiotics.

They describe their farm as a “ma and pa operation.” Geri enjoys taking care of the birds, while Kerry is excellent with maintenance and repairs. Comparing their many years as conventional chicken farmers with the SVO grower model, they take pride in the better condition and quality of birds they have with SVO. They attribute this to the relaxed density, higher quality feed, and having control of their own houses.

During times when they aren’t in the houses, Geri enjoys organic gardening around their beautiful home. Kerry recently began work as one of SVO’s Farm Technicians, and we are happy to utilize his experience as a grower to help all SVO farms become more productive!

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